Fun Tennis – Volley

I want to share my tennis knowledge so that you can play have fun while playing tennis. I will try to keep these as simple as possible ’cause who wants to read a paper on tennis swings?

If you want to enjoy hitting volleys, follow these principles:

  1. Hit the ball in front of your body. You must strike the ball before it reaches you, not when it’s next to you. You will be able to hit more authorititavely and more consistently. If you don’t you will get hit in your face by a ball bouncing off your racket. When that happens to you,  do me a favor and let me know how it felt (I actually know how it feels from personal experience.)
  2. Turning your shoulder is the first move in volley. Can you image a baseball player trying to hit a pitch with his body facing the pitcher? Hitters have their body face right or left. Hitting tennis balls is the same. For all shots. You must turn your shoulder before you swing. For forehand volleys turn 45-70 degrees and for backhands, about 90. Make sure you don’t swing your arm out when turning your shoulder. Turn just your shoulder (next principle will help you with this.)
  3. Keep your arm close to your body. The best way to “learn” this is to hit volleys while holding a ball in your arm pit. Do this for both forehand and backhand. You probably don’t want to do this during a game. 🙂 Practice air volley swings at home to get a feel for it. If you have a practice partner do this. You volley skills will surely improve. This is the best volley drill that I know of.

That’s it for now. I’ll share more advanced volley principles next. Thanks!


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